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Innovative Commercial Construction Services

General contracting is what we do best. We offer services to improve your construction experience and make sure you are happy with the final product. These services include pre-construction services, design/build delivery, and construction management. Pre-construction services provide our clients with early price certainty. They also create a reliable conceptual budget to work with. Design/build delivery involves working ​​with our architects and designers. In this method, we see your project through from start to finish. Construction management involves choosing a contractor based on their qualifications rather than price alone. Contractors then work with the client’s design team to identify potential costs or issues. Hoffman Commercial Construction is not like other construction companies in Jacksonville FL. Collaboration, communication, and commitment are very important to us. Contact us today for your free estimate! We look forward to working with you.

Of all the Construction Companies in Jacksonville FL, Why Us?

At Hoffman Commercial Construction, we provide innovative and fairly priced construction services to our clients. We are well-versed in the world of contracting and ready to meet your construction needs. In fact, we have spent 30 years working in the field! There are many construction companies in Jacksonville FL, so why us? In addition to our many years working in Florida and Georgia, we have also earned more than 20 awards of excellence for our work. Ultimately, we know how to recognize the unique and individual needs of our clients. Your vision matters! In the end, we make sure to create a final result that matches that vision. Of all the construction companies in Jacksonville FL, we believe that we’re the best to meet your needs while getting the best price possible. Overall, we look forward to working with you soon. Contact our team today to discuss your project goals.